9th February 2012


To all our DES TKD family, we would like to remind you of our Facebook group and now our Twitter account!

As many of you are already aware, Facebook and Twitter are two of the biggest social networking services in the world and powerful tools to use especially for the social aspect of our association.

You can access our Facebook group and our Twitter account from the links page on this website.  With technology growing at such a rapid rate you are never really far away from checking Facebook for updates or locating where your favourite celebrity has just been for lunch on Twitter!

Over time we will be integrating Facebook and Twitter more into the website so that news, events, updates and pictures can be viewed from all platforms, so even if you are out and about you can still keep up to date with us.

You can follow the results on Twitter from all the DES TKD Students who are competing at the Southern Championships, Sunday 12th February 2012.  You will need to create a twitter account if you don't already have one and it's just as simple and easy as Facebook.