29th January 2012
Dear All

I have just got home from another fantastic grading.  A massive well done to all who took part.  We had 29 students grading and of that 17 got either credits or high passes!!  You were all amazing and blew away all the competition.  Even those which never received a credit or a high pass all did absolutely awesome and I am very proud of you all.

Please see below the results;

Kingswood Grading Mark
Jake Bressington Awarded 1st Kup
Emily Godfrey Awarded 4th Kup
Toby Godfrey Awarded 4th Kup
Jessica Burrows Awarded 4th Kup
Duncan Chivers Awarded 5th Kup High Pass mark
Tace Rogers Awarded 6th Kup
Charlie Clark Awarded 6th Kup Credit
Ava Coombs Awarded 7th Kup
Joshua Brown Awarded 8th Kup Credit
Louisa Cannella Awarded 9th Kup Credit
Emily Chan Awarded 9th Kup Credit
Harrison Pearce Awarded Puma Grade 2 Credit
Jack Hulin Awarded Puma Grade 2 Credit
Max Penny Awarded Puma Grade 2 Credit
Charlie Scott Awarded Puma Grade 2
Bethany Wiltshire Awarded Puma Grade 2
Morgan Knowles Awarded Puma Grade 1
Midsomer Norton

Duree Potisan Awarded 6th Kup Credit
Jake Askew Awarded 8th Kup High Pass mark
Harriet Marsh Awarded 9th Kup Credit
Felicity Askew Awarded Puma Grade 2 Credit
Asher Askew Awarded Puma Grade 2 Credit
Charlotte Askew Awarded Puma Grade 2 High Pass mark
Huw Williams Awarded Puma Grade 2
Naomi Askew Awarded Puma Grade 1 High Pass mark
Israel Askew Awarded Puma Grade 1
Zedekiah Askew Awarded Puma Grade 1
Adele Carver Awarded Puma Grade 1 Credit
Wootton Bassett

Stephanie Bell Awarded 4th Kup Credit
Joe Bloomfield Awarded 8th Kup Credit

There were only 14 credits awarded at the whole grading and we had 13 of them!!  Again a big well done to you all.

If you received a Credit then please remember that you can buy a sew on badge for your dobok if you wish they cost just £2.  I have a limited number in stock at the moment but will be getting more in within the next few weeks.

Derek Skidmore 4th Degree
Senior Instructor