2nd February 2012

As you may remember, last year we hosted what was probably a one off fantastic event where PUMA’s 3 Masters held a seminar at our Kingswood school.  We had students from all over the UK come to train with the Masters and the day was a huge success. 

Mr John Dowding 4th Degree and Senior Instructor at Warminster in his free time writes for Totally TKD magazine and used this event as one of his topics in last Augusts edition.  It is a great write up and sure does us proud and therefore I thought I would share it all with you.  The Masters Seminar write up commences on page 39 for those of you who wish to skip straight to the page.

Although it is a few months late sending out I feel that you should all see what all of our efforts in organising and holding the seminar did for PUMA.  This magazine comes out every month and Mr Dowding and Master Gayle are both regular contributors to the magazine so please save the website to your favourites and have a look each month at what they write about our organisation and I am sure you will enjoy it.

Kind Regards

Derek Skidmore 4th Degree
Senior Instructor