Derek Skidmore             Matthew Spoors   Matthew Spoors Mr Spoors started training in Taekwondo in October 2001 at the ripe old age of 31. His two sons and daughter were already training at the Kingswood and Warmley academy and decided himself to give it ago and hasn't looked back since. Matt started his training with senior international instructor Mr Derek Skidmore - 4th degree black belt and still remains at the school where he first started, not only as a student but as part of the instructors team. A BIG rugby fan (don't get him started), he is also a heavy sparring champion and very keen on self defence. Mr Spoors gained his 1st degree black belt on 14th October 2005 almost four years to the day when he first started training. He then gained his 2nd degree black belt on 22nd October 2007, Matt then gained his 3rd degree black belt in April 2010. Matts most memorable moments in Taekwondo was receiving the Student of the year award and the award for services to DES TKD and Bristol Taekwondo. One of his most personal and proudest moments was gaining his 1st degree black belt. "It was an incredible feeling, I can still remember where I was and exactly what I was doing when Mr Skidmore called me to tell me I had passed and to congratulate me. The feeling you get when you put on that black belt for the first time is incredible. I felt so proud at that time that I swear I grew six inches taller with my chest puffed out." "The thing I enjoy most about being a DES TKD instructor is teaching the juniors and the little pumas. It's very rewarding for the team of DES TKD instructors when they see the students work so hard at the gradings to then earn their new belts and see them grow is very satisfying." "As a student myself what I enjoy most in Taekwondo is the choice and diversity that is offered by Mr Skidmore in his classes and also from PUMA. You don't just train in one style like so many organisations do , we have a chance to perform technical patterns, sparring (Sport Taekwondo), self defence, weapons training and so much more." "DES TKD is like a big family, everybody knows each other and we are very close knit with a genuine friendly atmosphere. We have fantastic social events aside from training which has to be one of my most favourite parts of being a member and instructor and I have made many new friends and colleagues since joining."

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