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What Will Your Child Experience?


What Can You Expect?


Little Puma Syllabus


  • Social Skills
Your child will be encouraged to interact with their classmates
and instructor which will assist them with succeeding in the
nine themes of the Little Puma Syllabus.

  • Confidence
Little PUMAs are rewarded for personal achievements as well
as part of a group which increases their confidence with
recognition of their efforts and progress.

  • Physical & Mental Development
Little PUMAS will learn to improve their balance, hand/eye
co-ordination and motor skills, as well as learning to be
patient and positive about themselves.

  • Decreased Parent Separation Anxiety
Each class with slowly aclimatise your child in an environment
away from their parents or carers (Parents are still required to
stay the duration of the lesson). This results in helping your child become more disciplined at home and a better student at school.