Taekwondo is the scientific use of the body in the method of self-defence. A body that has gained the ultimate use of its facilities through intensive physical and mental training.

Translated from Korean,

  • "TAE" literally means to jump, kick or smash with the foot
  • "KWON" means to punch or destroy with the hand or fist and
  • "DO" means art, way or method

Korean martial arts began more than 2000 years ago and has evolved into what we know now as Taekwondo.

Taekwondo has many followers throughout the world today. It is considered to be one of the most effective forms of self-defence and is also a highly effective way of providing mental and physical self development. To the practitioner, Taekwondo is more than just a set of physical exercises, it is more a way of life, utilizing the tenets of Taekwondo. These tenets help the student to cope with the stress and pressures of everyday life, as well as developing a noble moral code.

How Long Until I Can Defend Myself?

The best defence is awareness, to be keen enough to avoid any type of confrontation and with this in mind you should have already trained yourself to be aware of your surroundings at all times. However, you can learn many self-defence techniques in a relatively short period of time and the key to utilising them comes from your state of mind.

  • Confidence
  • Calmness
  • Clarity

These are all essential elements in successful self protection.

To achieve the correct state of mind takes time and practice. For this, a balance of constant training is necessary. By continually training, your technique becomes better and in turn your confidence and ability will rise. Dedicated training provides both the techniques to defend and the state of mind to properly execute them. These are the keys to self defence.

Taekwondo History.

Taekwondo was inaugurated in Korea on 11th April 1955. This was following extensive research and development by the founder,

Major General Choi Hong Hi - 9th Degree Black Belt

Around this time General Choi was appointed president of the Korean Taekwondo Association and organised the first international demonstration tour, which then led to the formation of the International Taekwondo Federation (ITF - with which PUMA is affiliated) in 1966. In 1972, as a result of political pressure from South Korea, General Choi left the country to continue the ITF in Canada.

Taekwondo was brought to the UK in 1967, by Master Rhee Ki Ha.
P.U.M.A. (Professional Unification of Martial Arts) was formed on the 1st September 2000 by some of the South West’s leading and forward thinking Instructors. Puma are the largest & fastest growing ITF Taekwondo organisation in the U.K and Europe. We are a highly skilled and exiting association run by highly skilled professional Instructors who collectively have over one hundred years of teaching experience.

The purpose of every Instructor within the association is to help their students achieve their ultimate goals in life, whether it be

  • Fitness
  • Self defence
  • Self esteem
  • Self control

Martial Arts is for everyone! From classes for children to martial arts fitness programmes, Puma Instructors can help students of all ages and abilities to achieve their individual goals.

Martial Arts is used by many people, for many reasons. Whatever those reasons, it is our aim to help the individual attain excellence in everything they do. Our programmes will help you with your general fitness, also your self-confidence and self-respect. The association promises to put the interests of the students first, regardless of their level.