Welcome to DES Schools of Tae Kwon-Do (DES TKD), a family orientated martial arts group with academies in Midsomer Norton and Keynsham.

DES TKD was founded on 12th September 1994 by its senior instructor Mr Derek Skidmore - 5th Degree Black Belt.

DES TKD is a member of P.U.M.A (Professional Unification of Martial Arts), Europe's largest and fastest growing I.T.F Taekwondo group and one of the most respected martial arts organisations in the world.

Achievements & Social

Our academies boast many achievements since the schools inception, including National, European, and World  Martial Arts Champions.

However, this is not the only reason behind the success of our schools, it is also based on its reputation to provide the highest quality of martial arts tuition available and also by the students and instructors that make up its membership.

We also have a fantastic social aspect aside from the martial arts training with many annual functions including:

• Summer Family Fun Day
• Autumn Camp
• Annual Party and Awards Presentation

Making our DES TKD martial arts family the envy of all our competitors.

MR DEREK SKIDMORE - 5th Degree Black Belt
International Instructor

• 5th Degree Black Belt – Professional Unification of Martial Arts (P.U.M.A)

• 5th Degree Black Belt – International Tae Kwon-Do Federation

• 3rd Degree Black Belt - TAGB

• 1st Degree Black Belt – A.I.M.A.A (USA)

• 7 x British Destruction Champion

• 4 x Black Belt Weapons Champion

• Special Recognition Award for services to Tae Kwon-Do and PUMA

• 2021 Special Recognition Award & Induction into the UK Martial Arts Hall of Fame

 Expert in Tae Kwon-Do and Self Protection


I am Derek Skidmore and I am the Senior Instructor and owner of DES TKD, and along with my amazing team have been training and teaching Tae Kwon-Do since 1984.


In 1994 I introduced my first school in Midsomer Norton followed by the opening of my Keynsham school in 2001.  During this time, myself and my amazing team of Instructors have produced over 3000 Regional, National, European and World champions in both Tae Kwon-Do and Kickboxing. We have also helped many thousands of children, parents and grandparents train alongside each other in the Martial Arts.


I work for the NHS, which is both very busy and rewarding, but the Martial Arts is my passion and it’s been a life long journey, with my main style being Tae Kwon-Do. I also have a wealth of knowledge and experience in many other styles including kickboxing, Bo Staff weapons, Krav Maga and Self-Protection.


I love teaching and passing on my knowledge to people of all ages, from teaching our 4 year old students and helping to develop their confidence, to teaching their parents and grandparents – you’re never to old. Every moment is very rewarding and I still get a buzz from it, even after all these years.  


The highlights of my Martial Arts career was receiving an award for services to P.U.M..A and Tae Kwon-Do, and more recently in 2021 a special recognition award by the UK Black Belt Martial Art Hall of Fame, which is an incredible honour. 














MISS SOPHIE PARTON - 3rd Degree Black Belt


• 3rd Degree Black Belt – Professional Unification of Martial Arts (P.U.M.A)

• 3rd Degree Black Belt – International Tae Kwon-Do Federation

• Blue Belt - Kickboxing

• Brown Belt – Weapons/Bo Staff

• Qualified Instructor and Referee


I am Sophie and I started training in Tae Kwon-Do in 2003 whilst living in Bodmin, Cornwall. I initially started to help with my confidence, focus and discipline. It also helped with my anxiety and with being bullied at school.


I joined DES TKD after moving to Keynsham in 2016, as it was a friendly and family orientated school with a very experienced team of Instructors who taught in a way that suited my way of learning and who also offered me the opportunity to further my own teaching skills and passion for Tae Kwon-Do and Bo staff. What I love is how friendly & supportive everyone is and how respected the school is within the P.U.M.A. organisation.


In my full time job, I work for the Ambulance service, working alongside a paramedic as an Emergency care assistant responding to 999 calls.


I achieved my Black Belt in 2008, and graded to 3rd Degree Back Belt in 2016. I have been competing since 2005 in all aspects of the Martial arts and my proudest moment was being selected for the PUMA England squad for the 2014 World Champs and winning 3 Golds and a Bronze Medal.


I love Tae Kwon-Do in particular the Patterns as I am able to get lost & focus when performing the moves, which enables me to forget my anxieties & worries.


I enjoy teaching and seeing the students grow and improve, especially in their confidence as much as their technical abilities.


Tae Kwon-Do has helped me become a better person, given me confidence and self-control and to allow me to follow my dreams of joining the Ambulance service, whilst providing me with a place to where I feel accepted, respected and able to partake in something I love. 











MR LIAM SKIDMORE – 2nd Degree Black Belt


• 2nd Degree Black Belt – Professional Unification of Martial Arts (P.U.M.A)

• 2nd Degree Black Belt – International Tae Kwon-Do Federation

• Blue Belt – Weapons/Bo Staff

• 8 x British Champion

• 8 x English Champion

• 4 x Southern Champion

• 2 x Northern Champion

• Gold Medalist at International TKD Champion

• P.U.MA. World Junior Patterns Champion

• Junior Competitor of Year – 2012 to 2014

• Students Choice Inspiration Award 2018 – 2022

• Indomitable Spirit Award 2014



I am Liam Skidmore and I am the youngest Black Belt of the group.


I started training in the Martial Arts on my 4th birthday, a few weeks later I competed in my 1st tournament winning a Gold and Silver trophy.


That was the start of my Martial Art journey and today over a decade later I have won over 100 medals at both National and International level.


I do get pushed and I’m expected to work the hardest as I am the Instructors son, but its great fun.


I became a Black Belt in Little Puma’s at 5 years of age in 2013, and then passed my Adult/Senior Black Belt when I was 11 in 2018. I am currently working towards my Black Belt in Weapons(Bo staff).


It has not been the easiest journey, but I am very proud of myself and glad I continued.


I enjoy helping my Dad/Instructor with teaching the classes, especially the Little Puma’s and Juniors which is where I started. I like the way how some of them want to be like me, and really like helping them become closer to that goal.


I have made lots of friends, both at our Midsomer Norton and Keynsham schools and all over the country while doing tournaments and gradings.


I have learnt so much along the way from Tae Kwon-Do and it has helped me do well at schooland made me a better person in general.


My proudest moment has to be winning medals in every World Championships since 2016, and the highlight was becoming P.U.M.A. World Junior Champion in 2018 when I was just 11 years old.     















MISS JENNY GREENSLADE  – 1st Degree Black Belt


• 1st Degree Black Belt - Professional Unification of Martial Arts (P.U.MA.)

• 1st Degree Black Belt – International Tae Kwon-Do Federation.

• Yellow Belt Bo staff/Weapons

• Southern Champion

• Qualified Pilates & Yoga Instructor

• Tenets Award 2021


I am Jenny and I am one of the more mature students of the class. I have been involved in sports most of our life and I am a qualified Yoga and Pilates Instructor.  I started training in Tae Kwon-Do at the young age of 49yrs as my daughter was training and I thought I would like to give it a go. I enjoy all aspects of my training, there is such a variety and something for everyone. I love the traditional Tae Kwon-Do, Sparring and fitness, as well as the board breaking and weapons – in fact there isn’t anything I don’t like about it!


I love exercise and how it makes you feel and I love trying new activities and challenges. Tae Kwon Do ticked all the boxes and I am very proud I am now a 1st Degree Black Belt and hope the students enjoy it as much as I do.


I am part of the Instruction team and enjoy helping the students, in particular the other Mums who train alongside their children.






MR GRAEME BEVAN - 1st Degree Black Belt

• 1st Degree Black Belt - Professional Unification of Martial Arts (P.U.MA.)
• 1st Degree Black Belt – International Tae Kwon-Do Federation.

I am Graeme and I have been training within the Martial Arts and Boxing since I was 12yrs old.
My journey in Tae Kwon-Do started with another group, but I found my place at DES TKD and P.U.M.A.In 2020 I achieved my lifelong dream of earning my Black Belt, something I am immensely proud of.

DES TKD is a very much a family orientated school/club and my whole family are involved, both my children train and having witnessed first hand how beneficial it is for children and their development, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to others.

My son progressed through little Puma’s (4-6 year olds) and achieved his Black Belt and my daughter is following in his footsteps.

I love all aspects of my training and have had the honour to train with some truly incredible people in DES TKD and PUMA. From Sparring to traditional TKD/Weapons, there is something for everyone.

During my time here I have competed in both regional and National tournaments winning numerous medals in both sparring and patterns.

I enjoy teaching and I am part of the team of Instructors, giving back to the school which has done so much for not only me but for my whole family. I have met some amazing people and made many lifelong friends 









MR NATHAN HALL - 1st Degree Black Belt



• 1st Degree Black Belt - Professional Unification of Martial Arts (P.U.MA.)

• 1st Degree Black Belt – International Tae Kwon-Do Federation.

• Blue Belt – Weapons/Bo Staff

• Gold Medal winner at the P.U.M.A International Championships

• 2 x British Tae Kwon-Do Champion


I first started training when I was 5 years old.  I was training with another group, but due to lack of motivation dropped out.


When I was 12 years old my Parents found DES Schools of Tae Kwon-Do(DES TKD) and along with my Dad and brothers we started training again, and loved it.


DES TKD is like a family and everyone including the parents are close. Friendly, and supportive. Training and teaching alongside my brother and many friends is great fun and knowing I have helped someone win a medal or earn their new belt is a great feeling.


I am now a Black Belt and one of my proudest and personal achievements was winning a Gold medal at the PUMA TKD International Open Championships.


I couldn’t have achieved this without the without the help and support of the amazing team of Instructors at DES TKD.


I am now part of that team and enjoy teaching our Junior grades (both children and adults)with the other senior grades and helping to bring people on, which is very rewarding.





DYLAN MAGGS - 1st Degree Black Belt

• 1st Degree Black Belt - Professional Unification of Martial Arts (P.U.MA.)
• 1st Degree Black Belt – International Tae Kwon-Do Federation.
• 4 x British Champion
• 4 x English Champion
• 2 x International Champion

I started training in 2012 when I was 12 years old. A friend of mine trained with DES TKD, and I wanted to do a sport in order to get fit.  I loved the physical aspect of the fitness from the outset, but also enjoyed the patterns which are the art side of Tae Kwon-Do.

Today, sparring is my passion, but this has not always been the case. I was initially scared of being hit, but overcoming this has helped build my confidence and I have now competed both Nationally and Internationally.  Tae Kwon-Do has given me many things, in particular confidence and a better work ethic. Knowing that I have to work hard and be dedicated to achieve worth while and great things.

I enjoy teaching and get a buzz from seeing people learn and get better, especially the younger children.  I compete regularly in both regional, national and international tournaments, my favourite award would be the TKD LTSI trophy. To date the biggest competition I have competed in would be the International Tae Kwon-Do Federations British Open, in which I won 2 Bronze medals, something I’m very proud of.      









JACOB HALL - 1st KUP Black Stripe



• British Tae Kwon-Do Champion

• Green Belt Weapons/Bo Staff



I am Jacob and I started training in the Martial Arts when I was 3 years old. When I was 8 we moved to DES TKD, and the journey has been an amazing one since me and my family did.


Training for me is very much a family affair as my Dad used to train and is still actively involved in the school and I train with my brother Nathan who is a 1st Degree Black Belt.


I have achieved many things and TKD has given me huge confidence and self belief, one of my highlights and proudest moments was becoming British Tae Kwon-Do Champion and taking my Black Stripe with four of my close friends.


As a senior grade I am part of the team that helps the lower grades, something I enjoy doing and its great to see developing and gaining confidence just as I once did.


Being a part of DES TKD is something very special and both PUMA & DES TKD is a big family and I have made many special and great friends.  
















LEE PIPER - 1st KUP Black Stripe



• Regional and National Tae Kwon-Do Champion

• Double Gold Medalist Southern Champion

• Services and Loyalty to DES Schools of Tae Kwon-Do award


I started training in 2012, I started because it was a local group and came highly recommended by friends and families we knew and I wanted something to do alongside my children.


I started training, as I was bullied all the way through school and I wanted my children to be fitter, gain confidence and have the skills and knowledge to look after themselves.


What I love most is that Tae Kwon-Do is inclusive and is available for everyone, irrespective of age or ability. It’s given me a lot and I have become fitter, better co-ordinated and most importantly given me the confidence to believe in myself. Both DES TKD and P.U.M.A. are family friendly and very welcoming and I’ve met some incredible people and made some lifelong friends.


I enjoy helping out and teaching, as it helps others and also helps me to develop by challenging my lack of confidence. Knowing I have helped someone progress and earn a new belt is very rewarding.


Some of my proudest moments were training alongside my children, seeing them develop and do well. For me personally, stepping into the ring for the first time to spar and coming away with a silver medal. But my favourite moment has to be passing my first grading as a white belt.


Special memories over the years have been receiving the Students choice award (voted for by my fellow students), and the Black Belts award voted for by the Black belts instructors.   





MR DAYTON LITTLE - 1st KUP Black Stripe

I am Dayton and I am one of DES School of Tae Kwon-Do’s senior grades.

I am 60 years young started my training back in 1994. In my early years I trained with the same Tae Kwon-Do group as Mr Skidmore (the TAGB). After a break of 14 years I restarted with P.U.M.A. and DES TKD, under Mr Skidmore’s tutorage.

I enjoy the whole aspect of Tae Kwon Do, in particular the fitness and self-confidence it gives the students, irrespective of their age. My favourite part is probably the traditional Tae Kwon-Do and patterns. I enjoy being able to pass on my skills, knowledge and experience to help our junior grades.

Tae Kwon Do has given me improved confidence and self-belief which helped me in many aspects of my life including my job in the legal sector/world.

One of my proudest moments would be winning a Silver Medal in Sparring the English Champs and also being presented the DES TKD Indomitable Spirit award. DES TKD is a great family school and my 2 young girls have trained in the past.









JOSEPH MAULE - 1st KUP Black Stripe



• 2 x English Sparring Champion


My name is Joseph, and I have been training in Tae Kwon-Do with DES TKD since I was 4 years old.


My Mum and Dad researched all the local Martial Art schools to see which one would be best and because of it’s affiliation to the International Tae Kwon-Do Federation and P.U.M.A. we ended up here, and it has been an awesome journey.


I’ve always wanted to be a Black Belt, and when I was 6, I passed my Little Puma Black belt, and now some years on I am preparing to take my senior Black Belt under the Masters.


I train alongside my younger brother and enjoy helping him and I also like helping to teach and inspire the younger junior children in our Tae Kwon-Do school.


I love training with the other students and watching the younger junior students including my brother improving week after week and it is nice to know I helped them earn their new belt or win a medal. I’ve met some amazing people and made some great friends and we all help and support each other.


I have competed in both Regional and National tournaments and my proudest moment was when I competed as a red belt in the Black Belt division in sparring at the English Junior Champs, winning Gold, which was pretty awesome, especially as my Mum, Dad, brother and all my club were there with me to see it. In 2018 I also received the “Tenets award” at our annual Presentation Evening, which was a fantastic honour.   















McKENZIE ASHMAN - 1st KUP Black Stripe



• Regional & National TKD Champion

• Medallist in International Championships.

• 2019-2020 Competitor of the Year.


I’m McKenzie and I have been training with DES TKD since I was 10 years old. I started with my younger sister Callie. My Dad wanted us to get involved with a group sport that we could do together.


We found DES TKD and have loved being part of it for many years now. I have met so many amazing people & made some great friends, it’s an extended family and everyone is very supportive.


If I am honest there were times when I struggled with certain things, but we’re taught always to try hard and give 100%. This helped me whilst at school and I now use that knowledge when I teach and help others.  I really enjoy helping the younger children and being a role model for them and the way they look up to me.  I have competed at National & International level in both Patterns and sparring and enjoy the challenge and my reward has been to win over 20 medals. The highlight for me would have been winning the 2019/2020 Competitor of the year.





• English and British High Kick Champion

I’m Callie and I’ve been part of the DES TKD family since I was 9 years old. My Dad wanted me and my brother to get involved in a group activity, and after looking into other local Martial Art groups we went along to “DES TKD” and it was the best decision we could have made.

I love being part of it and have made lots of friends from all over the UK.

Tae Kwon-Do has helped me and my brother with our confidence. With the help and support of the Instructors, students and everyone at the Taekwon-do school, it has helped me overcome my fears and deal with my anxiety issues.

Even competing in tournaments at a high level, which was particularly difficult after being bullied at school. My proudest moment was becoming British & English Tae Kwon-Do Champion, something I thought I would never be able to achieve or be good enough for. But Mr Skidmore has always taught me that with confidence and believe in yourself, you can achieve anything.

With that knowledge, I am now part of the team of Instructors and I love being a role model for the younger girls and I like the way they look up to me and want to be like me.

I particularly enjoy helping those that like me have been bullied and have low self-esteem and anxiety issues. Helping those with learning difficulties gives me a great feeling and is very rewarding. Seeing the students go on to win a medal or pass a grading and receive a new belt gives me a good feeling and a sense of pride.

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