Little Pumas 4-7 years

Little Pumas teaches 4-7 year olds using an exclusive and revolutionary martial arts training platform. Our
syllabus prepares the child both mentally and physically. It enables them to deal with real life issues such as bullying
and strangers. The programme has been designed professionally to teach the children important life skills in a fun environment. Your child will learn unique skills from elite PUMA martial artists such as discipline, self defence and respect as well as essential life and development skills.

Child Safety

All PUMA instructors are fully qualified and along with all assistant instructors and helpers have been checked by the Criminal Records Bureau and have to attend PUMA Child Protection Courses on a regular basis. They are fully committed to the safety and well benig of all children who attend our schools. The PUMA child protection policy was implemented with the help of the NSPCC, Social Services and numerous other child protection bodies.


What Will Your Child Experience?

Your child will learn valuable skills through education and games in a fun, healthy and safe environment. The emphasis of the program is based on the progress and achievement of each childs individual learning pace. By paying attention and participating in class you child will learn that they can progress through the coloured belts which could eventually lead to earning their black belt. Little Pumas learn to set goals and understand that a persevering attitude will enable them to conquer their frustrations as tasks become more difficult.This allows them to tackle more challenging goals with self confidence and self discipline serving as a strong foundation to achieve and succeed in life.

What Can You Expect?

Social Skills
Your child will be encouraged to interact with their classmates and instructor which will assist them with succeeding in the nine themes of the Little Puma Syllabus.

Little PUMAs are rewarded for personal achievements as well as part of a group which increases their confidence with recognition of their efforts and progress.

Physical & Mental Development
Little PUMAS will learn to improve their balance, hand/eye co-ordination and motor skills, as well as learning to be patient and positive about themselves.

Decreased Parent Separation Anxiety
Each class with slowly acclimatise your child in an environment away from their parents or carers (Parents are still required to stay the duration of the lesson). This results in helping your child become more disciplined at home and a better student at school.

Little PUMA Syllabus

This consists of 9 themes;










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