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I have known & worked with Mr Skidmore at several multi-style seminars for many years now, I was very impressed with his knowledge and practical approach.

Many martial arts today are incomplete as they are just sport-based which is very different from real world self-protection.

The problem is, many martial arts instructors don't know the difference. Mr Skidmore is one of the few that does know the difference.

His Tae Kwon-Do school is very successful in the sports arena but they also learn the applied and reality side of martial arts too, making it a more complete art which is lacking in so many schools today.

Charlie Wildish, 5th Dan Karate

I started training at Mr Skidmore’s Wootton Bassett school from when I was 10years -21 years old.  I was always a shy child growing up, and through his teachings Taekwon-Do gave me confidence.

The school that I trained in was always a very welcoming and supportive environment and he was very good at bringing together a community of students supportive of one another.

He encouraged me to work hard and to push my abilities further. I was very hesitant at the idea of competing, but Mr Skidmore mentioned this to me several times. From my initial steps onto a competition floor, additional coaching and guidance I went onto become a junior World Champion in 2006. Although I no longer train with him, as I have relocated, I will still recommend Mr Skidmore to others who live or are moving to the Keynshan/Bristol and Midsomer Norton area’s.
Jenny Swain – 5th Degree Black Belt.

I've known Mr Skidmore since he took over the Wootton Bassett PUMA Taekwondo club in 1998, although at the time it was TAGB.

He was my instructor for 15 years and helped me prepare to take and successfully pass my 1st Degree. Under Mr Skidmore's instructorship I went on to successfully grade to 4th degree. Mr Skidmore was also a big supporter when PUMA was formed in 2000 and because he is such a great instructor we just followed where he went. From 2000 we were PUMA students!

In 2013 I took over the running of Wootton Bassett PUMA Taekwondo, which is now called Movewell Taekwondo. Through our long-standing friendship and connection to PUMA I am still in regular contact with Mr Skidmore and his own clubs go from strength to strength.
He is very devoted to his family and his Taekwondo students, and this can be seen in the support all the students and their families give to his schools. Not only do I consider Mr Skidmore a friend, but he is a very experienced martial artist with a kind heart.
Nick Evans

I have been training in martial arts for 25 years, becoming a multiple National champion in Taekwon-do and kickboxing, and a multiple world open Taekwon-do champion. Representing England for 18 years. 
I was also an instructor of my own school for 12 years.

I have trained with and under Mr Skidmore from a young boy. He is highly knowledgable, and skilled in both traditional martial arts and modern forms of self defence. But as important is the atmosphere he brings to the class, whether it’s training or teaching Mr Skidmore is always warm welcoming, and you will leave his class happier than before you entered. 

He has created many black belts that have been highly successful that I have competed with for many years. He also creates an inclusive family atmosphere, where everyone is welcome.

I highly recommend anyone to join DES TKD and join the fun, you will undoubtedly learn and grow at a fast rate under Mr Skidmore’s tutorage.
Phil Whitlock

I have known Mr Skidmore for about 20 years and we have shared many martial arts adventures together.
Training with him was always hard, but fun. I remember he would always come up with challenging line work, fitness and sparring sessions which always brought out the best in me.

Mr Skidmore was always open to new ideas about how we could build our skills and I have fond memories of traveling with him to Seni and doing seminars with martial arts pioneers such as Lee Hasdell, Geoff Thompson and Master Sken and him encouraging me to work on these skills.

Mr Skidmore invests heavily in his school and would always have pads and training aids to help us develop our skills.

I have loved seeing the social side of his schools develop as well. I have been to several of his school Christmas parties and he always tries to celebrate the schools and students achievements, not just in competition.

I enjoy being in class with Mr Skidmore because despite his skill there is no ego; his classes were friendly and he made me feel at home (or part of his school family as he would sometimes say) from day one.

A good friend and dedicated teacher, whenever we speak he always asks after my family. He will always go out of his way to have a chat with my mum if they see each other at a tournament or other event – this is something that has always meant a lot to me and I know it does to her.
David Pixton  - 5th Degree Black Belt Tae Kwon-Do. Black Belt in Judo & Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu.
England Squad Member & Coach.

What our Students and Parents are saying:

The little PUMA class is really welcoming and the instructor is brilliant!

Amie (Parent)

I love Tae Kwon Do!

Flo (Little Puma)

Our daughter started lessons around 2 years ago and she has loved every minute, the passion and devotion from Derek is second to none and we have seen her confidence grow, whilst thoroughly enjoying every class she attends she has made a variety of new friends and we all Love being part of the DES TKD family

Jo, Iain and Myla (Parent and Student)

Just wanted to say thank you for being such a great club! Our son loves the sessions and we love that it's always so positive, friendly and fun. Really proud to be part of DES Taekwon Do. Keep doing what you're doing!

Jane (Parent)

DES Taekwon-do is such a friendly and welcoming group.  Since she was four years old Taekwon-do has been teaching my daughter concentration, discipline and respect as well as boosting her self-esteem.  As we approach the difficult teenage years it's good to know that she has the tools and confidence to defend herself if a night out ever goes wrong."

Mum of 11 year old Red Stripe

We joined last year and have found DES TKD run by Derek and family as simply a fantastic club to be a part of. Our son is quite shy and we wanted him to experience a sport that breeds confidence, discipline, and to form friendships but the most important thing was enjoyment. All of these things have been achieved without question!
Derek, Julie, Liam and Ciaran have always made us feel welcome and Derek has a fantastic natural affinity with the children that he always gets the best out of them.
My son, a ‘Little Puma’, always enjoys each session and has participated in competitions growing in confidence throughout, he has even won a bronze and silver medal to date.
This really is wonderful club to be a part of. There is a real togetherness, we really couldn’t recommend DES TKD any higher.

Mike and Hannah (Parents)

I love going to little Puma’s because I have learnt the little Puma drill with Sir and Liam. I really like the games we play.

Albie (Little Puma)

When I first started Sir, Liam and the other senior grades helped me loads. I was really nervous but they made it great fun and sometimes we play games. We all just want to do our best for Sir and each other. Doing tae kwon do has made me more confident in everything and I was even awarded a trophy for most improved student. I look forward to training every week.

Louie (Student)

I took up taekwondo 7 years ago, this club was recommended to me by a friend and I have not look back since joining. I was never really into sport but after my first class I knew I had finally found the sport for me.  Mr Skidmore has supported me through my journey to black belt and I can’t thank him enough. My passion is sparring and I love to compete at as many tournaments as possible and I also love to help out in class.

Dylan (Student)

My favourite bit of Tae Kwon do is the fun races and games we play and the shouty bit at the end of the tournament drill.  I really like getting new belts at my gradings and seeing my friends.

Aeris (Little Puma)

I like learning how to protect myself and my favourite pattern is Won-Hyo. My favourite bit of Tae Kwon Do is breaking boards at demos like my dad. I enjoy going to tournaments and my favourite thing there is sparring.

Owain (Student)

I love how welcoming this club is regardless of age, experience or fitness level. I have been training at DES Tae kwon do since 2016 and it has helped me achieve several of my life time goals. I cannot thank all the Skidmore's enough for everything they have done for me and my family.

Graeme (Parent and Student)

Many years ago, my two older children really struggled with confidence and communication with people they didn't know. It was clearly a shy and naive part of growing up but we found that our children needed something in addition to us as parents. it didn't matter how much we tried to give them the confidence to be themselves and step out of their comfort zone. Nothing really worked!
Until, we came across DES TKD which is a Taekwondo club run by Mr Derek Skidmore and Mrs Julie Skidmore. We contacted Julie as we understood that there were free taster sessions. We have been going for several years and I am so proud to see my children grow up into confident and happy children. Through the process of working their way through their gradings, they have learnt the art of respect, integrity, patience and most importantly self-control.
The way Derek and Julie run their club is through passion and commitment, and the students highly respect and admire their time and efforts. They are always putting the students first and work closely with them, no matter what their ability is.
Over the years we have met some amazing people as being part of the club and we consider all members and students our extended family.
I will forever be in debt to Derek and Julie as they have helped me and my wife to nurture our children into amazing human beings which will never be forgotten.

Howard (Parent)

I have enjoyed going to Taekwondo as it has allowed me to learn new skills. It has helped me with my fitness, confidence and developed inner strengths to be the best I can be.

Ethan (Student)

Taekwondo makes me happy and I have made some new friends and I love competing in the competitions where I have won several medals. I also love the annual camp where we all play games and have a massive water fight and get the chance to soak Derek.

Haydn (Student)

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