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Derek says:

"Leave feedback and let others know about your experience. Simply contact DES TKD and let us know your thoughts."

from DES TKD

Matt says:

"The thing I enjoy most about being a DES TKD instructor is teaching the juniors and the little pumas. It's very rewarding for the team of DES TKD instructors when they see the students work so hard at the gradings to then earn their new belts and see them grow is very satisfying."

from site

Billy, Aged 6 says:

"I love Taekwondo because I have fun and I have made lots of new friends"

from email

Terri & Dan says:

"Before joining PUMAs, both of my sons were very shy children who refused to take part in any activity without a parent by their side. Despite this, from the very first class, their interest was piqued and they went straight home and tried to emulate the moves. Within a few classes, they were joining in with gusto and now, more than a year on, we have never looked back. PUMAs has immeasurably improved their confidence, fitness, respect for others and pride in their own achievements. It ticks all the boxes."

from email