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Derek says:

"Leave feedback and let others know about your experience. Simply contact DES TKD and let us know your thoughts."

from DES TKD

Matt says:

"The thing I enjoy most about being a DES TKD instructor is teaching the juniors and the little pumas. It's very rewarding for the team of DES TKD instructors when they see the students work so hard at the gradings to then earn their new belts and see them grow is very satisfying."

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Charlie, Aged 8 says:

"Taekwondo is brilliant.  My instructors are nice and the lessons are really good.  I like taking part in the tournaments and I loved the camp last year.  I got to try out the Bo-Staff and the water pistol fight at the end was wicked!"

from email

Matt & Kirstie says:

"When we started looking for a martial arts class for our two young sons it was important for us to find somewhere fun, friendly and professional and we knew that DES-TKD was the club for us from the first session.  It is a well-run group with a fantastic team of instructors who really care about the children.  It has been great for our sons’ confidence, concentration, co-ordination, fitness and discipline; in fact, it ticks all of the boxes!  As parents, we love the family atmosphere and the enthusiasm of the instructors.  The numerous social events such as the summer BBQ, Christmas party and camp are great (although we’re not sure who enjoys them more – the adults or the children?!).  A fantastic club which we can’t recommend highly enough!"

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