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Derek says:

"Leave feedback and let others know about your experience. Simply contact DES TKD and let us know your thoughts."

from DES TKD

Nick says:

"The level of respect, courtesy and integrity displayed by the students and the family/club atmosphere we have at Royal Wootton Bassett is great and makes the club as strong as it is."

from site

Leo, Aged 7 says:

"At PUMAs you get to do super-cool moves and have fun. I can't wait to start the juniors and try the bo-staff"

from email

Terri & Dan says:

"Before joining PUMAs, both of my sons were very shy children who refused to take part in any activity without a parent by their side. Despite this, from the very first class, their interest was piqued and they went straight home and tried to emulate the moves. Within a few classes, they were joining in with gusto and now, more than a year on, we have never looked back. PUMAs has immeasurably improved their confidence, fitness, respect for others and pride in their own achievements. It ticks all the boxes."

from email