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Derek says:

"Leave feedback and let others know about your experience. Simply contact DES TKD and let us know your thoughts."

from DES TKD

Nick says:

"The level of respect, courtesy and integrity displayed by the students and the family/club atmosphere we have at Royal Wootton Bassett is great and makes the club as strong as it is."

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Leo, Aged 7 says:

"At PUMAs you get to do super-cool moves and have fun. I can't wait to start the juniors and try the bo-staff"

from email

Andrew says:

"DES TKD is a fantastic Taekwondo school, it doesn't just teach the children about the benefits of self defence, it also keeps them fit, builds character and confidence and teaches them valuable life skills.  Our son started when he was 4 and if he had his choice he would train everyday!  It really is a fantastic school with a warm, friendly and family like atmosphere."

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